There are no more excuses as to whether or not to buy the Niro EV, but does Kia have excuses for low production?

Tony Schaefer from What Drives Us recently test drove the Kia Niro EV (e-Niro) over a week and considers the South Korean EV the most important new electric car on the market.

On one side, it’s unremarkable, there is nothing really exceptional or extraordinary – he explains – you just drive it, easy, intuitive, but it’s all-electric. It’s a full-size car and a 5-seater with decent cargo space and long range.

The Niro EV turns out to be able to go further on a charge than 235 miles (378 km) (EPA), as gentle non-winter range could be 270-290 miles (434-467 km)!

Combined with rich equipment, there are really no excuses to not buy the Kia Niro EV. Well, the first 40 were already delivered in the U.S. in April and now the ball is on Kia’s side, as we are wondering if the automaker has the production capacity to meet what’s sure to be high demand.

The cool features noted in the review include a tire pressure indicator for each individual tire, heated and ventilated seats, sun visor that expands, useful cup holder/storage compartment, Lane Keep Assist and a rewind satellite radio feature to listen to a particular song from the beginning.