R&T Contributor and auto industry icon Bob Lutz talks to us about the Kia Stinger.

By Travis Okulski | Jan 9, 2017

The surprise of the Detroit Auto Show has to be the lovely Kia Stinger, a four-door, rear-wheel drive sedan that is Kia’s first car released under the stewardship of Albert Biermann of BMW M fame.

We dig it, but we wanted to know what an industry icon thought of it, so we went to our own contributor, Maximum Bob Lutz.

If you’re not familiar, Bob Lutz’s resume includes cars like the BMW 3-series, Pontiac GTO, G8, Solstice, Saturn Sky, Cadillac CTS, Ford Explorer, Dodge Viper, and more. If there’s anyone who has insight on the newest Kia to hit America, it’s Bob.

Here’s what he thinks: