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Road & Travel Magazine (RTM) has once again awarded Kia Motors with the International Car of the Year (ICOTY) award! This year marked the 20th anniversary of RTM’s annual ICOTY awards and our very own 2016 Optima and 2016 Sorento were bestowed with the highest honors.


The 2016 Optima was named International Car of the Year

Each year, the winner is selected by a jury consisting of renowned automobile journalists. This year, the jurors praised the Optimafor its bold design, wide range of impressive technological options and great value. The Sorento garnered acclaim for its premium interior and safety features and powerful all-wheel drive capability.


The 2016 Sorento was awarded International SUV of the Year

About this outstanding recognition, Michael Sprague, Chief Operating Officer and EVP of Kia Motors America, said, “The Optima and Sorento are two of Kia’s best-selling vehicles and both were instrumental in the transformation of the brand. To win the prestigious ICOTY award four years in a row, with two models winning their categories this year, is a clear indication that our products continue to offer a world-class balance of design, amenities, craftsmanship, safety and value for today’s savvy consumers.”
2015 marks the fourth consecutive year for Kia Motors in being awarded the prestigious title, with the K900 luxury sedan being honored last year and the Cadenza and third generation Optima in 2013. This year, Kia has made history by being the first brand to win four years running.


This accolade demonstrates the progress that Kia has made in raising the bar as an automobile manufacturer. Upholding our customer promise – the Power to Surprise – Kia Motors will use this great recognition as momentum to continue forward in bringing our worldwide fans and supporters extraordinary vehicles with great style, comfort and performance.