By Kia BUZZ Editorial Team June 23, 2017

Source: Kia Buzz



By now, everyone knows that the Kia Stinger is being put through the paces at the infamous Nurburgring circuit in Germany for fine tuning prior to entering mass production for overseas markets later this year. To prove the prowess of our prized gran turismo, Kia invited guests from the global media to this legendary driving course to test drive the Stinger for themselves.


kia-stinger-gt-global-media-test-drive kia-motors-media-test-drive-kia-stinger-gt-fleet-nurburgring-germany


The Nurburgring – considered a Mecca for racing and car enthusiasts – is famous for its rigorous and merciless Nordschleife race track, also known as “The Green Hell”.




Over a span of three days, influential automotive journalists and industry insiders were given the opportunity to experience the excellent driving dynamics of the Stinger first hand. Albert Biermann, Head of Vehicle Test & High Performance Development at Kia, was present on the scene to oversee the test drive and provide insight on the Stinger’s performance.



Albert Biermann greets members of the media at the Nurburgring circuit.


As expected, our treasured fastback did not disappoint. “I was surprised to attend an event by Kia at Nurburgring and even more surprised at [the] ride & handling,” one guest remarked.




The experience did not end there. Along with the exciting day of race track-paced driving, Kia facilitated a visit to the Kia Motors Europe headquarters and design center to learn about the design process of the Stinger. Peter Schreyer, Chief Designer of Kia Motors, and Gregory Guillaume, Chief Designer of the Kia Europe Design Center, led the event and guided visitors through the Stinger’s conception and development.


kia-motors-media-test-drive-event-kia-stinger-gt-european-design-center-tour kia-motors-media-test-drive-kia-stinger-gt-european-design-center kia-motors-media-test-drive-kia-stinger-gt-peter-schreyer-gregory-guillaume

Peter Schreyer (left) and Gregory Guillaume (right)
present their philosophies about the Stinger design.


From the racing track to the design facility, the event attendees were thoroughly impressed by the Stinger and had many wonderful things to say about their experience. Journalists praised the Stinger as a well-designed and well-rounded model with equal merit for its powerful performance. Some even went on to say that it may be Kia’s best creation yet!

Check out the Stinger’s impressive performance capability as it tears through the Nordschleife!



The Stinger is Kia’s most ambitious project to date and we are pleased that it has been well received by top automotive journalists around the world. As the Stinger prepares to launch worldwide, we cannot wait for global customers to meet and try out our new sports sedan.

Kia Stinger is coming to you soon. Stay tuned for more news about our long-awaited gran turismo!