Krishesh Malkani

Krishesh Malkani

Used Car Manager

Krishesh Malkani


Being born and raised in Dubai and having seen all the exotic cars possible, I was always interested in automotive industry.I came to Canada to gain my Post Secondary education; I thought I would be a banker, however, I never imagined I could actually make use of my love for cars. I am a young proffessional who strives to provide utmost satisfaction to his customers in their car buying decision. I like playing sports like cricket, basketball, table tennis, squash, and water sports like jet boarding and jet skiing.


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Me in a Few Questions

Where's Home?

Home is where you Eat -> Sleep -> Repeat

If you could have any superpower, what would it be?

I would like to predict the future.

Your hidden talent?

I believe I can be a good DJ.

If time and money were no option where would you go?

I would love to travel the world starting with Australia. Would love to build a house on an island surrounded by nature along with learning various interesting dishes by a Masterchef.

What is on your bucket list?

Sky Diving is one item on my bucket list that has existed since long.

What is your morning mug filled with?

A double double from Tim Hortons

What was the last picture you took with your phone?

My last picture featured a Blue colored Honda Ridgeline EX-L Navi 2011

Do you get along with your family? Why or why not?

I do. Just because I love being around them especially when I get back home to Dubai, I get treated like a KING.

If you could be any age for a week, what age would that be?

I would like to be a 10 year old kid.

Mountains or the beach?

Beaches for sure. The main reason I want to visit Australia is Gold Coast which is a coastal city in southeastern Queensland on the east coast of Australia.

If you could retired tomorrow, what would you do?

I would leave for a long trip on my personal yacht and feel acomplished.

Google Reviews

Review from: Kaleem Ahmed

2 months ago

I wanted to take the opportunity to write to you to let you know about a very satisfying car buying experience I had recently at your Honda dealership. I had the pleasure of dealing with two wonderful individuals by the name of Val and Krish in your used cars sales team. From the moment I walked into the showroom to the time I had the car on the road it was an absolute pleasure dealing with these two individuals. Val's professionalism from the moment he saw me perusing the vehicles in the showroom to the actual negotiation process was top-notch. Krish's honesty and helpfulness from the moment Val introduced me to him to the time we test drove the car, to the time I drove away in the vehicle a few days later, and even a few days after when a couple post-sales issues arose, was unbelievable. I made specific mention to both of them that it was frankly downright refreshing dealing with them and found the experience to be so different from many of the other dealerships I had visited. It would not be an exaggeration to say that dealing with these two individuals may have been the best experience I have ever had dealing with sales staff in any industry. I feel because of my experience and interaction with these two I would go out of my way in recommending your dealership to friends and colleagues. I am sure you are likely already aware of their abilities but I felt it important that I take the time to make mention of how amazing they are and how much of an asset they are to your dealership.

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