Lease Take Over

Help Me Out of My Lease!

List for free, pay only when we sell your Vehicle! We waive our fee if you purchase with us

How it Works

  • List your vehicle for free online or contact us and provide us with your lease or finance information.
  • We communicate with potential buyers.
  • After the deal is done, you walk away lease or finance free!
  • You don’t pay until we sell your vehicle. If you purchase a new vehicle with us, we will waive our fee!

What We Offer

  • No up-front fees
  • Detailing your vehicle
  • Marketing your vehicle
  • Fielding inquiries
  • Showing and test driving arrangements
  • Negotiating take-over terms
  • Preparing offer agreements
  • Preparing credit applications
  • Securing credit approval
  • Preparing take-over contracts
  • Licensing the vehicle
  • Completing financial components
  • Arranging transfer documents
  • Protecting your privacy
  • If we bring you a buyer and sell your car you pay us only $795.00 plus taxes! (Leasing company transfer fee extra)