Limited Lifetime Brake Pad Warranty

Kia offers limited lifetime brake pad warranty* on Kia Genuine replacement brake pads.

How it works?

If you purchase a set of Kia Genuine (OE) replacement brake pads (Jan 18th, 2023 and onwards) at a Kia dealer and have them installed by a Certified Kia Technician, the limited lifetime warranty will be activated on the pads. This warranty covers the cost of replacement pads (labour excluded), and will remain active for as long as you own your Kia vehicle.

*The limited lifetime brake pad replacement warranty covers the cost of the brake pads, but not labor or any other brake service or repair. To be eligible for the warranty, the owner and vehicle must remain the same as when the first set of pads was purchased. The original brake pads on the vehicle at the time of purchase are not covered under the warranty. For more information please refer to the terms and conditions.