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Steven Cummins

Steven Cummins

Steven Cummins

Used Car Sales Account Executive

Steven Cummins


Having grown up in the small town of Collingwood, ON, located roughly 2 hours North-West (Not Kanyes baby) of Toronto, I began my work career in the construction industry. There, I was able to develop an extraordinary customer service based foundation which further grew into who I have become today. I moved to Toronto seeking change, and that I found ! Going from parking my car for free in my parents drive-way, to paying 160$ a month. Besides that, I love the cultural experiences I am able to immerse my self in and thoroughly enjoy broadening my horizons with each new adventure. I am a strong believer in providing family like care, always being honest, and providing a thorough application to your car buying process. I am no stranger to hard work and would love to prove to you why Honda is the right choice for you.


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Me in a Few Questions

Where's Home?

For me, home will always be Collingwood, however I have recently migrated South and you can now find me exploring the streets of King West.

Where else would I run into you?

You can catch me at a Jays game in the summer, new and hip breakfast/brunch joint on Sundays or enjoying quality time with my better half.

Best meal you ever ate?

Second to none would be Mothers Thanksgiving dinner !

What is your morning mug filled with?

Orange Juice

Your hidden talent?

Singing in the shower.

If time and money were no option where would you go?

I would dock my yacht in Italy and explore their wonderful foods and wine.

What have you always wanted? Did you ever get it?

Financial Freedom. I am working to achieve.

What is your perfect pizza?

Mountain Shore Pizza located in the beautiful town of Collingwood, Ontario. Donny's as the locals call it.

What question do you hate to answer?

Simple, when my girlfriend asks me where we should eat.

If you could only have one meal for the rest of your life, what would it be?

Chicken Parm

Who is your hero?

My self 5 yeas from now.

If you could spend the day with any celebrity, who would it be?

Brent Burns

What is your favourite thing to spend money on?

My bank account tells me food.

My Schedule

9:00am - 5:00pm
1:00pm - 9:00pm
9:00am - 5:00pm
1:00pm - 9:00pm
Day Off
9:00am - 6:00pm