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Toronto Honda is a group of family-owned automotive dealerships serving the Toronto area. We’re positive, enthusiastic, career-focused pros – and we are on the look out for like-minded people who want to ‘jump start’ their careers.

Our Company Values:

To be thorough, conduct business honestly and provide family like care.

Our company values define what we believe in and serve as guidelines for our behaviors and decisions in all situations.  The values however, would be meaningless if they were to remain no more than words; they must take root as our corporate culture. 

Our customers will judge us by what we do, not by what we say.


  • Pay attention to the details – do things better
  • Challenge the current situation - drive our idea machine
  • Have a plan to continually improve yourself and your services


  • Be ethical and open in our dealings
  • Be fair thereby earning trust and respect
  • Set extraordinary standards in our business

Family Like Care:

  • My efforts are sincere
  • I want you to be a life-long customer
  • I will treat you as I would treat my own family

I recognize the importance and significance of our Company Values and the substantial impact that they have on the complete satisfaction of our customers.

I resolve to support all facets of our Company Values while I’m at work and to promote the highest standards of practice and behaviour related to them.

Personal Career Path:

Whichever way a career path takes our employees, it’s designed to satisfy our employee’s career needs, by targeting a series of jobs designed to get them to his/her career goal. We understand that job satisfaction is one major key to a happy and long career.


Career maps help employees think strategically about their career paths and how to meet their career goals within our organization rather than leave it to chance.  Career planning helps us grow. Having a realistic career plan in place is often an essential part of our personal growth and development. Keep in mind that some career paths are direct and include specific jobs that move an individual up the career ladder, and are typically followed in order. Other career paths are indirect and may involve work in different types of jobs. 


Job shadowing is the name given to the opportunity for you to observe or “shadow” someone doing their job. A job shadow can be as simple as an hour-long visit with one person. Job shadowing is a type of on-the-job employee training in which a new employee or an employee desiring to become familiar with a different job, follows and observes a trained and experienced employee.  A job shadowing experience allows a student to explore a specific career of interest by observing an employee perform their work duties at the Dealership.


Our lattice career structure offers career paths that move laterally, diagonally and up and down.

When employees are offered career progression opportunities, it makes them feel like they're growing with us and provides a sense of purpose, which in turn fosters loyalty. Career development gives employees something to look forward to. It also feeds the hunger to learn and grow, in life and at work.


Your supervisor will be happy to show you how you can move between jobs within our organization, while ensuring that your career development aligns with our current business needs.

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